Youth Employability Programme

Youth Employability Programme

Supporting young people and getting them back into work or education

Are you 19-24 actively seeking support in gaining the required skills needed in pursuing your progression career goal into:

  • • Higher Education
  • • Apprenticeship
  • • Employment

Have you reached a stumbling block in your progression? You are struggling to get a Job or get on an Apprenticeship? Don’t know if you want to find a job or get back into education? 

The Youth Employability Programme could be the Ideal Solution.

MI is here to help you! We can offer advice and guidance on everything from which jobs to apply for, which college course you should take and what work experience or employment is available to you.

Career advice and training for your next steps.

By joining our Youth Employability Programme, you can get free advice, training and help at work, giving yourself a positive start to your career journey.

At MI, we know that trying to decide what you’re going to do with your future can be daunting, confusing, and stressful.  Our Youth Employability Programme is aimed to give people just like you the help, information and support they need to succeed, this programme will give you advice, training and connections to employers. We are here to guide you on to the right path, whether that is with education, training, employment opportunities or a combination of all of these.

A personalised programme

We will take the time to sit down with you and discuss your individual needs so that we can create a personalised plan to help you progress. We have a range of options and a menu of programmes to help you develop and we will be able to offer guidance that is most suited to you.

Improving your skills

We know the things that employers look for and with the right skills and attitudes, you will have more options available to you. Our courses are aimed at bettering your personal development to open new career opportunities for you. Example courses include:

  • • Professional skills certificates
  • • How to create the perfect CV
  • • Employability training
  • • Workplace skills

You will be taught by experienced teachers who will support you through your course and onto the next stage of your career. We also support you with employability, including opportunities to speak to industry professionals and access mentoring, volunteering, and work experience.

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