Learner Services

Adult Learners

We have courses tailored for persons aged 18 and above, to help improve on existing skills or learning a new skill altogether. For a quick view of the courses/training that we have in place.

19+ Advanced Student Loan

The government is introducing student loans for learners aged 19 and above in further education and training studying at Level 3 and above. They will be called 19+ Advanced Learning Loans and will apply to those starting their course on or after 1 August 2016.

Job Seekers Support

Our Job Seekers support service is aimed at matching your skill set, passions and interest with a suitable role. Why not forward your CV to us today, and be part of the growing numbers of persons we have helped place in sustainable employment. You can also join our Community Life Change programme, if u meet the eligibility requirements

Advice and Guidance

Our specialist guidance and counselling staff are available to lead you through your path to excellence irrespective of individual learning difficulties and circumstance, coupled with our client support staff who are always on hand to enlighten you with regards to your enquiries.
Drop in into one of our centres for a comprehensive overview of the opportunities abound for you to choose from