Current services include:


  • Information Advice & Guidance (IAG): we provide one-to-one support to make a step change in life and work.
  • Integrated Communities and Basic Skills: We offer our learners the basic skills needed for social integration and mobility. E.g. ESOL, English, Maths, Digital and Life Skill courses.
  • Skilled Courses: We offer sectorial skills qualification courses that employers need. E.g. Adult Care, Children and Young People’s Workforce, Residential Childcare, Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools, Business IT for office, Computer Engineering, Hair and Beauty and Early Years Educator sector.
  • Volunteering and Community Projects: Volunteering opportunities for our learners to get involved in communities to build social skills, confidence through servicing their communities giving access to employment for job seekers.
  • Employment & Career Support: employability training and job club offer to adults to gain the skills and mentoring support to sustainable employment.
  • Blended Learning: Basic skills and Sector Focus Vocational Training and Support through virtual and e-learning.
  • Brokerage & Workforce Development for SME Employers: Recruitment support and accredited training delivery particularly focused on health care, Supporting, teaching, and learning in Schools and Early Year Educator.