Level 3 Diploma in Specialist Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools

The 19+ Advanced Learning Loan is not means-tested and does not require a credit check, but to be eligible for a loan, you must be:

Aged 19 to 23 with prior level 3 qualification on the first day of your course.
Aged 24 and over on the first day of your course
Starting a course on or after 1st August
Ordinarily, a resident in the UK/EU/EFA for at least three years before the start date of your course.
Enrolling on a full Level 3, repeat level 3 or Level 4 and Level 5 course

No repayments until you are earning over £27,295

How to pay back?

You do not have to pay any course fees upfront. You pay back your loan (plus interest) when you have finished your course and start earning more than £27,295 a year. If your income drops below £27,295 – loan repayments stop.
Each month you pay back 9% of any income over £27,295.For example, If you earn £30,000 a year,
£30,000 – £27,295 = £2,7059% of £2,705 = £243.45 (per year)£243.45 /12 = £20.29 (per month)
Your monthly repayments would be £20.29

How to Apply?

All applicants must complete:

Maths and English Initial Assessment

Information Advice and Guidance(IAG)
Learning and funding information letter: this will be provided to complete the application.

You can’t apply if you’re:
getting Student Finance for Higher Education
on a Traineeship training scheme
on a Community Learning course

Course Information