Advice and Guidance

Information Advice & Guidance (IAG): we provide one-to-one support to make a step change in life and work
Employment & Career Support: employability training for 16+ adults to gain sustainable employment.

Traineeship Advice and Guidance

Employer Brokerage Advisors, IAG Advisors and Trainers will provide you with support and advice as you decide on your training programme, pursue it and then progress to further training.
IAG is available to individuals and employers, we have been successfully providing this kind of support for many years and it’s included within the package of government funded programmes such as Adult Learning, Traineeships and Traineeships.

IAG – Information, Advice and Guidance

MI Skills Development Centre has held the Matrix standard since 2008, the national accreditation awarded to training providers who can demonstrate IAG is well provided and well managed.
We may wish to talk to you about the IAG we provide you with and perhaps ask you to answer a short feedback questionnaire. Please help us with this so that we can help you even more effectively in the future.  
For IAG on Traineeships call our Traineeship Employer Brokerage Advisor on 0207 501 6450 or email or visit our webpages

Benefits to individuals

  • Identification of training needs
  • Identification of training options
  • Identifying the right qualification
  • Identifying the time and effort that will be required
  • Information on costs and possible funding support options
  • Information on trainer support vs personal work
  • Information on qualifications and career opportunities
  • Advice on progression and what to do next
  • Pointers to further information

Benefits to Employers

  • Identification of training that will have a positive impact on the business
  • Identifying business-related training packages
  • Identifying the specific skills that staff need
  • Measurement of the skills that staff already have
  • Identification of the priorities for training
  • Identifying potential sources of government funding support
  • Support in the preparation of a training plan
  • IAG can help right through the training process and at the end to deal with the question 'what comes next?'

Traineeships Support and Guidance

If you are in an Traineeship and feel that you need help, support or guidance scroll through this page and see if we have a topic that is of interest to you.

Has two sections, the first is "your personal skills" and the second is "Your Activity Skills". People who do them find that they are really useful but plan your time as they can take just over two hours to do them properly.
Skills Health Check >

Job Advice

Need advice on getting a job? Visit the National Careers Service website at Here you will find some useful on-line tools to help your job search.

Are you considering an Traineeship? You can leave school at 16 if you are in an Traineeship rather than staying on at school until the age of 18 under the Raising the Participation Age (RPA) scheme. Raising the participation age (RPA) does not mean young people must stay in school or choose one of the following options after their 16th birthday:
  1. Full-time education, such as school, college or home education
  2. An Traineeship from aged 16
  3. Part-time education or training if you are employed, self-employed or volunteering full-time (which is defined as 20 hours or more a week).
You can apply to be an Trainee by searching for companies that are employing Trainees at the Trainee Vacancy Matching Service.

Safeguarding and Prevent

Safeguarding is a free service if you are a Traineeship or Trainee. Your training and workplace should be a safe working and positive learning environment free from threat to you. If you're having trouble at work, in your time training or even at home or anywhere else get in touch with our Safeguarding team. Their job is to offer their advice and guidance and to ensure that anyone who is at risk is given the correct support. Each MI Skills Development Centre learner is given a card with contact details - please ask in our office or call 0207 501 6450 if you have misplaced yours. If you are not an MI Skills Development Centre Trainee and something is worrying you, you should think about talking to your training provider Safeguarding Officer.

Careers Advisors and Schools

Traineeships are a positive progression route for students leading to full time employment.