Traineeships are the new programme for young people aged 16 to 24, including those with learning difficulty up to the age of 25, not currently in employment, but are focused on work or its prospect.

Traineeships Package

The traineeship programme is targeted towards young people with Entry Level to Level 2 qualifications, and run for a maximum of six months. The core target group for traineeships will be young people who are 16-19 and qualified below Level 3 or 19-24 and have not yet achieved a full Level 2.

Traineeships component

Employability component

Employability Skills qualifications give students the confidence, skills, knowledge and understanding to enter or return to the workplace. These qualifications are aimed at learners and young people following vocational training programmes.

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English and Maths component (Functional Skills)

Functional skills are practical abilities in English and Maths that will equip students to take on the challenges of work, education and everyday living.
Functional Skills qualifications range from Entry Level to Level 2 and give learners a practical grounding in how to apply English and Maths skills to everyday situations, with a strong focus on explanation and problem solving rather than abstract concepts and recall. Our assessments reflect this belief by using real-life contexts that allow learners to apply their skills.

Vocational qualifications component

We have an extensive range of vocational qualifications that can be offered as part of our Traineeship package.

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