Success Story: Sharon Mundy

I was unemployed for a year before I came to MI ComputSolutions.

At my old employment, I originally applied for a carer position but they offered me an activity coordinator position instead. Because I never had much education growing up, I always felt worried I was never good enough. The job itself was enjoyable as I was always good at interacting with others. However, I struggled when it came to the administrative side of things.

When COVID started, I began feeling anxious and overwhelmed so I decided to take time off for myself. However, when I was ready to go back, I found it incredibly hard to even get past the interview stage. I found myself regretting not upskilling myself at my company because I was too scared to speak out and felt like that prevented me from moving up.

I heard about MI ComputSolutions when I told my Jobcentre advisor I wanted to improve my reading and writing skills, which I felt had held me back at my previous job. She contacted the Centre and they called me to book an appointment.

I was incredibly scared and had really low confidence when I came here the first time. I was recommended to do an online assessment for English, Maths and ICT as I had said I wanted upskill myself. I had no ICT skills and my son would always try to teach me how to do basic things on my phone. When I started it however, I realised a lot of questions were similar to what he taught me but saw that there was a lot I still didn’t know. I was recommended to do the ICT course first as computer skills would be beneficial in today’s times.

Needless to say, I was worried I would be too slow when I started the class, however my tutor, Tuan eased my worries. He’s an amazing teacher and made things that seemed complicated really easy to understand. He had a way of making everyone in class feel equal and supported.

Tuan also helped me with job preparation. He taught me how to fix my CV, answer interview questions and how to dress for it – all things I had never known how to do. Thanks to him and the course, I had never felt more confident. I was not able to get one, but three different job offers thanks to his support.

I had taken the offer as Activity Co-Ordinator at Park View Care Home where I provide stimulating activities for the elderly to participate and was more confident in my administrative duties. I am also volunteering at King’s College Hospital, providing general assistance to people in the cardiac recovery, maternity and friends and strokes unit wards.

I am currently completing my ICT Level 2 course with Tuan and would like to complete my English and Maths after. Tuan tells me to take a break as I usually come to class straight after work but I’m very eager to study.

In the future, I would like to help people with mental health issues, possibly opening a care home and council young kids and people with mental health, so I’m considering going to university after I finish my studies here.

I feel like I can do anything regardless of my age. I’ve never felt so accomplished and confident as I do now. Studying here has opened up endless opportunities that I never knew was possible. My family are always telling me how proud they are of how far I’ve come. My friends have told me that they’ve noticed how I’ve changed in the way I talk and act as I am much more confident.

I’ve even brought people to the centre including young people on the street. Opportunities like this is rare, you don’t always get a chance like this.

I tell everyone to not give up on your dreams. If you think you can’t do it, you can. I thought I couldn’t but look at me now.

Sharon studied Functional Skills ICT Level 1 and is currently studying ICT Level 2.
She is now working as an Activity Co-ordinator at Park View Care Home and volunteering at King’s College Hospital.

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