Success Story: Laurent Grimonpont

“My name is Laurent Grimonpont and I am 32 years old. As a child I always had a smile on my face and really enjoyed life.  

4 years ago I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I was overworking to support my family and was also looking after my disabled uncle. My relationship broke up and I was prevented from seeing my son. At the time it honestly felt that everything was against me and I would be stuck in a dark place, there were days I could not physically move. 

I worked on rehabilitating myself, going to groups, seeing a councillor, training at a gym, eating healthier, etc. I was then able to start thinking about a career through discussions with a careers adviser. I have always enjoyed sharing my knowledge with others. I have taught people how to play musical instruments as well as helping others with their English, ICT and French. I even taught my blind uncle how to use a laptop. Teaching and helping others has always been something I have found rewarding. This made me realise that I wanted to teach ICT but as I didn’t have any formal ICT or Teaching qualifications I knew that this was my starting point. My adviser helped me find a Level 1 ICT course and Award in Education course at High Trees which I completed successfully. I then searched for Level 2 ICT which led me to MI Skills Development Centre. I contacted MI and was invited in to complete my Initial Assessments, Enrolment and IAG. I joined the Level 2 ICT course and my tutor Azzad Ahmed was great, he supported me throughout. Azzad informed me that MI were delivering Level 3 Computer Engineering and that would be a great opportunity for me. I enrolled and have almost completed. I also completed English Level 2 and also was given the opportunity to work on the Lambeth Adult Learning newsletter. I discussed with Azzad and my other tutor Muhammad that I am interested in teaching and also IT, Muhammad mentioned that if I wanted to become a teacher a good start would be to volunteer at MI to gain experience, also that I could support the IT support within the organisation.  

I applied for the volunteering position and started in my role in August 2020. I have been assisting tutors to support the learners in class and have delivered an induction to new learners. I have supported tutors to set up their classrooms to ensure that we are Covid safe and that there is enough space to socially distance the learning environment. I have supported staff with any ICT issues and have been able to support tutors to ensure online classes are able to take place. I also help out at reception, contacting learners, updating information on booking system and supporting with general enquiries. 

I appreciate the support given throughout the team at MI for the comfortable environment. Everyone has been welcoming and it is a safe place to learn and to work. Everyone has to sanitise on entry and masks are a requirement in the centre.  They are helping me to move closer to my long-term goal to become a full-time teacher by giving me the experience that I am currently having.” 

Laurent studied Functional Skills English L2, ICT Level 2 and Computer Engineering Level 3.
He is now working as a Digital Skills Trainee Tutor and IT Support with us at MIComputsolutions.

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