Response to Redundancy

MI Skills Development Centre provides a wide range of training, learning and educational programmes. COVID19 and Social Distancing have changed the way our courses are delivered.

We have adapted our classroom and to virtual classroom online to keep you learning and developing yourself for the new job or career progression or needing new skills to upskill your job or just learning new skills to improve your English and Maths.


Our Response to Redundancy programme specialises in providing skills and sector training for those:

  • Aged 19 and above
  • Legal right to live and work in the UK
  • Newly unemployed and Lambeth Resident
  • Facing Redundancy
  • Career Changer

Seeking employment and need to learn new skills, brush up on existing skills or improve Language Skills, English Maths, Digital Skills and Employability Skills courses.

We have extensive experience providing high-quality career advice services that can help our learners to make the right choices whether it is for their own career having supported your children with homeschooling during this unprecedented period.  Which may have simulated your desire to learning and improve your skills or having been recently made redundant due to COVID19 and looking at improving skills to support their local community.

Our vocational sector programmes allow progression into positive outcomes, e.g. Employment, Apprenticeship, Further Education or Higher Education.  We provide high-quality skills training and where possible work experience opportunities for employment in the following growth sectors. e.g.

  • Teaching Assistant
  • Health Care
  • Adult Care
  • Early Year Education

Whilst also offering self-employment/employability re-training wrap-around support to address barriers faced or may face sustaining participation and supplementary community -based activities. e.g. Employment brokerage/CV writing/Interview techniques/CAB money matters, benefits advice, SLAM/Minds support on mental health/CSCS/volunteering

Our package of provision has been explicitly designed in response to the needs of our learners.  Our programme involves detailed Career Analysis and Initial Assessment interview to help in planning an effective action plan.


  • Completed Initial Assessment and IAG with us

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