Natalia Canham: “I am looking forward to the future”

l am looking forward to the future and still researching to find the right job for me.
I was so lucky in the Local Job Centre to meet the right people to help me in my difficult situation.
Also lucky to come all along, to meet the MI Compute Solutions Skills Development Centre.

In the day that I visited the Skills Development Centre, at reception I have met a friendly and
welcoming ambience. It was a very busy office, but everybody available to help. At a first step, I felt
that the Centre Admin/Examinations Officer Nicola Lowe so friendly and attentive. Her
acknowledgement is a very high standard; she is a trustworthy person if anything’s is available for
students she will never hesitate and deliver it on time. Nicola is approachable and polite at any
occasion, l am sure that is helps to every students to build they confidence in the Centre. Adults
Study is very tough, because they have many other responsibilities, but once you put everything into
it, I think it could change so many things.

At the MI Skills Development Centre, I get studied from Level E3 and Level 2 English Language/grammar and
writing/ The Lessons was very interesting with lots of information which so easy to understand, were
presented by my Tutor Tuan.

The Administrative English language Level 1 presented by very special person and Tutor Henrietta,
also the Business Administration Course Level 1 and Level 2 with Henrietta and finalised with my new
Tutor Erick Simon.

Thanks to all those wonderful people who help me to complete my Certification.
In any occasion, your Ml Skills Development Centre Skills Development Centre will be highly recommended by
me to other students.

Yours faithfully,

Natalia Canham