John Ibrahim: My Journey to a Full-Time Job

“My name is John Ibrahim, and last year I enrolled on the Lambeth Adult Learning Functional Skills ICT Level 1 course at MI Skills Development Centre in Brixton. I did not have much experience using MS Office and needed to improve my ICT skills to help me find work. I had been unemployed for over a year and had been applying for jobs without success.

The course helped boost my confidence and gain the ICT skills that I needed. I learnt how to work with emails, use spreadsheets and improve my typing skills. I was also able to work with documents and learn the basics of computer applications, which made me appreciate the use of computers in my everyday life. The staff at MI Skills Development Centre were very helpful and were always there to support and guide me. I would especially like to mention my tutor Laureda, who was brilliant and made using Word and Excel seem so easy.

After completing the level 1 course I progressed on to level 2 which I successfully completed. While I was on my course I was also given the opportunity to be part of the Lambeth Adult Learning Learner Newsletter production team in December 2016, which was a massive experience for me and I enjoyed every bit of it.

In April I was given the opportunity of giving back to MI Skills Development Centre and the community by volunteering as a Digital Mentor. I was supporting other learners to improve their IT skills which I found very rewarding. I also helped out at Olive Morris House promoting and enrolling learners on to MI Skills Development Centre’ courses. My experience with MI Skills Development Centre made it easy for me to promote their courses.

While I was volunteering I was told about a job vacancy as a curriculum administrator at MI ComputSolulions. I applied and was successful. This came as a surprise to me as I had applied for so many jobs and had been unsuccessful. I started working in June. I am grateful to God and MI Skills Development Centre for this opportunity to help others in the community in the same way that MI Skills Development Centre have helped me.

I would recommend MI Skills Development Centre to everyone as a great place to learn, grow and develop your skills, with the help of fantastic, knowledgeable, helpful staff. My advice is that you attend all classes, be punctual, pay attention to detail and practise the online course assignments. Practice makes perfect, and remember that a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step at a time.”