Jemila gains Employment thanks to MI Skills Development Centre

“My name is Jemila Memedo and I was referred to Ml Skills Development Centre ICT and Job Search courses by Streatham Job Centre. I have been without work since 2013 and was lacking confidence, and struggling with my job search as English is my second language. Most of the other students in my class spoke perfect English and at first, I felt out of place.

Mustafa, our tutor, explained that the course catered for students with different abilities, and told me not to worry. Mustafa gave me simple tasks and the teaching assistant helped me complete homework and classroom activities in 1:1 sessions. After only one week I could job search by myself, send my CV to potential employers, and record job search activities on the Universal Job Match website. My tutor and I discussed various career options as I wanted to come off benefits. As some jobs are not advertised, we also looked at how to look for work in hidden job markets by networking.

Having let friends know that I was looking for work, a friend passed my CV to her employer who wanted to interview me for a cleaning job. As I had never attended an interview before, Mustafa helped me practise answers to commonly asked questions along with other interview tips. With the help of my tutor, I put together a pack containing my CV, references and ID, so that I was confident and fully prepared for the interview. I am so happy to say that I am now working and off benefits.

What really helped me was having a tutor I could trust and the support from MI Skills Development Centre and Lambeth Adult Learning. It really made a difference knowing that others wanted to help me to succeed.”