Community Projects

We do have Community Projects we support and have continued to support to protect children from danger, continuation of free care and volunteering support for the terminal ill within our communities, a social action to alleviate poverty through Unicef and the BIG Red Box is a seasonal support for those living in our South London Community who might otherwise go without during the festive period.

- Marie Curie Cancer Care
- Unicef UK
- Jericho Road Project
- BIG Red Box (Xmas Information Attached)

We continue to work and donate to various community social action groups to Transform Lives and building a Safer world for Children

The Elephant Pump is based on a 2000 year-old Chinese design that the CEO of The Africa Trust, Ian Thorpe, adapted to make it stronger, more durable and made and maintained using materials that are locally available in remote rural sub-Saharan African communities.Fern Shaw | AquAid

Thank you!

On the behalf of MI Skills Development Centre “Transforming lives”, we are excited and grateful to Good Things Foundation “Improving lives through Digital” and BT Group for offering us free Android Tables for our vulnerable learners. So we can continue to support lifelong learning and community integration, whilst our Learners stay connected during these challenging times

#DevicesDotNow #skillsforTomorrow



Christmas Hampers is a MI Skills Development Centre London initiative supporting those in the local community who might otherwise go without during the festive period, around London boroughs through our charity.