Community TechAid

MI Skills Development Centre work in partnership with Community TechAid to bridge the digital divide and to promote digital equality by providing technology equipment to those identified learners living in Lambeth without technology equipment.

'Community TechAid is a south London charity that is helping to bridge the digital divide by providing technology to those without.

Community TechAid collect computers, tablets, and mobile phones that people no longer need, remove all data and refurbish the devices, so they are in good working order and ready to deliver to people in need.

Community TechAid works with local schools, women’s aid groups, disability, refugee, and other community-focused organisations to identify recipients and deliver the devices.

Community Tech Aid is in need of donations to continue supporting local organisations. Please donate today if you can!'

If you have clients in need of devices, please fill in one of our forms here:

Please donate today if you can!