About Us

MI Skills Development Centre is an established social enterprise based in South East and South West London. We provide accredited and non-accredited training, advice and consultancy to the Small/ Medium Enterprise employers and the community.

For more information on how we can help you or your organisation, please contact us.

Our Mission Statement

Is to transform lives through providing inclusive and lifelong learning that improves the long-term career, employability and health of learners and the sustainability of SME businesses.

“Transforming Lives”

We foster education

Our programmes and courses are designed to lead to or support recognised qualifications. Most of which are free to our customers who are eligible and meet funders requirement. .

Working in Partnerships

MI Skills has an excellent track record of leading and working in partnership with other training providers and employers as delivery partners. Current examples of services include:


Focused on Adult Care, Healthcare,  Access to Nursing, Children and Young People's Workforce, Early Years Educator, Supporting  Teaching and Learning in Schools, Management, Administration, Computer Engineering and IT for Office User


Employability training for 16+ adults to gain sustainable employment.

Blended Learning

Basic Skills, Functional Skills, GCSE (English and Maths) and Sector Focus Vocational Training and Support through various e-learning materials.


We provide one-to-one advice and career support to make a step change in life and work

Brokerage & Workforce Development for SME Employers:

Recruitment support solution and delivery of accredited training, particularly focused on Health Care, Early Year Education, Residential Care and Business