About Online Learning

COVID19 and Social Distancing has changed the way our courses are delivered.  We have adapted our classroom to virtual classroom online to keep you learning and developing yourself for the new job or career progression or needing new skills to upskill your job or just learning new skills to improve your English and Maths during this period.

Supporting your children with home schooling during this period may have simulated your desire to learning and improve your skills.

Our online courses are open to all London residents and employer’s workforce development, employees or unemployed.  Courses are fully funded, subject to eligibility criteria and can be free for 19+.

Our online courses allow the achievement of Nationally and Internationally recognised qualification at Entry Level to Level 5.  All you need is the commitment to lifelong learning at no cost to travel and time out of work.

Quality classroom teaching is expected through our teaching platforms ZOOM and or Goto Meeting Online classroom with high standard of tutor support on 1-2-1 basis via email or phone WhatsApp.

Our Online Learning courses are delivered and supported by the following platforms:

  • ZOOM/TEAMS and other teaching and learning platforms
  • You will need to have internet connection
  • You will need a PC/Laptop/Smart phone or Tablet
  • Sessions are set at a scheduled time
  • You will need to log in at the scheduled set time for your tutor sessions
  • Lots of independent learning and activities to work through
  • Your learning will be monitored by tutor
  • Access to additional learning support
  • Printed worksheet will be provided for those learning at Pre-Entry Level to Entry 3
  • Opportunity to learning independently and as a family
  • Upload your work for marking with tutor feedback on your progress
  • You can email us training@micomputsolutions.co.uk or speak to your tutor by phone message or webchat on micomputsolutions.co.uk if you need any help

The Centre may be open for some learners with no access to computers or the internet with social distancing in place.

Please Select the online course of your interest from the categories below our Pre- Application form will be in contact to support you with your application.

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