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An apprenticeship is a great way for employees to ‘earn as they learn’ and for employers to discover skilled and talented employees through a government-backed training scheme which provides a structured learning route within a working environment. The schemes are focused on motivated people who are determined to succeed within their workplace.

Apprenticeships help employers provide ways of bringing in or targeting the skills you need in your organisation. Through a mixture of on the job training and off job learning, apprentices learn the skills, acquired new knowledge and behaviour that will equip them to do a particular job.

Your business can work with MI ComputSolutions to create an apprenticeship programme. As an employer offering an apprenticeship you need to:

As an employer offering an apprenticeship you need to:

  • employ an apprentice for a minimum of 30 hours per week
  • pay at least the national minimum wage for apprentices
  • induct the apprentice and support their on-the-job learning using skills and knowledge in the workforce
  • upskill employees with new skills, knowledge and behaviour
  • be involved in reviewing the progress of an apprentice

MI ComputSolutions will support an employer to:

  • identify the apprenticeship that fits your business requirements
  • explain the way that Apprenticeships might work for you and if funding is available;
  • provide support with the new Digital Apprenticeship Systems for Levy and Co-investment employers
  • recruit an apprentice or support your existing staff into Apprenticeships
  • develop a training plan which reflects the apprentice and your organisation requirements
  • employer Induction and training
  • review and test the progress of the apprentice and provide regular feedback provided training to support the knowledge, skills and behaviour elements of the programme
  • provide support in identifying an Independent End-Point Assessment Organisation
  • manage the training and evaluation; and ensure that national quality standards are met and deliver integrated, coherent training.

Simplified Health and Safety Guidance for Employers click here

Recruiting an Apprentice

If you would like advice on taking on an apprentice then our business support team can guide you through the process of hiring an apprentice.

Apprenticeship grant for employers of 16 to 24-year-olds

The government pays for the training for an apprentice so you have access to funded training for one of your employees. You can train a new member of staff or recruit someone new onto an apprenticeship.

The AGE 16 to 24 grant for employers aims to support businesses, who would not otherwise be in a position to do so, to recruit individuals aged 16 to 24 into employment through the apprenticeship programme. The grant has already helped thousands of employers to grow their business by employing an apprentice.

The Skills Funding Agency will provide AGE 16 to 24 to eligible employers, in respect of qualifying apprentices, with an individual value of £1,500.

AGE 16 to 24 is for employers with fewer than 50 employees, who are new to apprenticeships or haven’t enrolled a new recruit or existing employee onto an Apprenticeship programme in the previous 12 months. Employers can be paid up to 5 grants in total.

Employers that:

  • have up to 50 employees
  • haven’t started an apprentice in the past 12 months
  • want to take on an apprentice (or apprentices) aged 16 to 24

The Employer may be able to get a grant of £1,500 per apprentice. The grant has been developed to support business growth by offering young people employment through apprenticeships. Employers can claim a maximum of 5 grants, so up to £7,500 in total.
The grant is available for apprenticeship starts up to and including 31 July 2017, subject to eligibility and availability.
The grant will not be payable to levy-paying employer

Non-Levy Paying Employers

  • Government Co-investment of 90% towards Apprenticeship programme
  • Employers expected contribution of 10% towards Apprenticeship programme
  • £1000 GRANT for 16-18 defined Apprentice by fewer than 50 employees (SME) Non-levy employers
  • £1000 GRANT for eligible 19- 24 defined Apprentice by fewer than 50 employees (SME) Non-levy employer

Accessing Money Paid into the Levy

Once companies have paid the levy to HM Revenue and Customs, they will be able to access funding for apprenticeships through the newly introduced online apprenticeship service*. The Levy contributions will be able to be used as digital vouchers to pay for training for their apprentices.
*The apprenticeship service is now open for registration for employers – click here to get started.

The aim for this top-up is to incentivise employers who make use of their levy allowance by giving them more back in return.

Apprenticeship Standard and Reforms

New apprenticeship reforms due to be implemented from spring 2017 will transform the current structure of apprenticeships, looking to meet the changing requirements of employers, learners and providers.

Available apprenticeships framework and Standards offered by MI Skills Development Centre

  • Business and Administration Apprenticeship – Intermediate and Advanced
  • Customer Services Apprenticeship – Intermediate and Advanced
  • Health and Social Care Apprenticeships – Intermediate and Advanced
  • Healthcare Support Worker – Intermediate
  • Children and Young People Workforce Apprenticeships – Intermediate and Advanced
  • Team Leading – Intermediate
  • Team Leading/Supervisor
  • Management – Advanced
  • Hospitality Team Member – Intermediate and Advance