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Apprenticeship Reforms and Levy for Small and Medium Enterprise

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How it Works, What Impact and Benefits

MI Skills Development Centre plays a vital role in addressing skills shortage and helping Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) to hire the right staff, supporting businesses to develop employees that are equipped for tomorrow’s business needs, whilst ensuring employer’s satisfaction.
The Government Introduction of the Apprenticeship Reforms and Levy are going to change the employment Landscape starting effectively with employers and Training Providers on 1 May 2017.
To ensure our Local SME employers are prepared and ready for the NEW APPRENTICESHIP REFORM and LEVY in May 2017, MISDC is organising an event to help prepare your business for the arrival of the Apprenticeship Reforms & Levy. This is a FREE workshop to help you gain the best understanding of what the Levy means to your business and its benefits.
This Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) breakfast meeting is a timely opportunity to get answers to technical questions in readiness of May 2017 and to provide a valuable and practical discussion to explore the latest developments.
We will look at opportunities and implications available for local SMEs to ensure a practical insight into options for training and recruitment.

MISDC are committed to supporting employers through these changes to see the tangible benefits of having Apprentices in their organisation can make. We are passionate about developing new talents and working with SME employers to understand their business needs so come along and find out how we can help.

Why NOT JOIN us to see how you can ensure your business achieves the most benefit from your levy account. This will be an invaluable meeting and will provide an insight into options available for training and recruitment.
This workshop will cover the following
• Key updates from the latest Government announcements
• Digital Apprenticeship Services (DAS)
• Funding Apprenticeship System (FAS)
• Identifying standards/frameworks
• Indicative costs
• Additional Support Incentives (16-24)

JOIN US 10th MARCH 2017 @ 9:30 AM